Analysing of F# programs

Sunday, June 06, 2010 » programming, uni

This class covers in fact labour work. The aim of this labour was to create an extensible framework to establish a highly customizable and flexible scanner for the F# functional programming language. In the frame of the labour my part was the resource analysis of F# programs to analyzing the cost of functional codes. The main difficulties with this approach that the complex [or even not so complex] recursive functions generate multi variables functions that - we know - it's not simple to solve. There is no general concept to solve so different type of multi variables functions. One promising attemption was to convert such functions to closed form and analyzing these formulas. Near the concept,the technology solution needed to be figured out and integrated it into our FSharp Tool. The imagination was to integrate it in the tool where the resource of currently implemented source code would be shown automatically on some IDE panel.
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