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..on my homepage. This blog is about my interests. About things can be creations, creative thinkness, realized projects, ideas of mine, ideas of others, descriptions, notebooks, easy notes or even bookmarks. Information that I like or just want to remember or even I just simple like and would like to share it here with you and with myself.

Well my interest moves in wide range but usually the posts are about technology gadget, informatics, informatics as science, programming, computer hacks. About travel, books, films and bookmarks. For me creative and interesting themes on a homepage refers to private, public and sticky notes.

A bit about me..

I believe half in SF and half not.
Sometimes I like to poisoning myself.
I respect the non-death people.
The noises must be uniqe to I like those.
I adore, love passionately my epsylon.

                                      Got it?! :-)

Belief system:
[ secular humanism ]

[ football, swimming, cross-country running, squash, aquatlon, skiing ]

[ friends; prison breaks; fringe; lost; the lost room; girlmore girls; the 4400; califorgia; x-files; jericho; the walking dead; dragon ball; journeyman; persons unknown; american horror story; under the dome; frequency; black mirror; high scores ]

Flyordie 1-minute-chess record:
[ 439 points ]

[ Peter B. Brands - Novels from the Future [HU] ]


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