Wednesday, Januar 05, 2000 » internet-things

To my birthday I've got a new external HDD because the old one decided to work partially that depends on position of box, on the boot state, on the operating system and his little spiritual world which I do not support anymore. Somehow, fighting with the old one I have found in saved folder in that the saved folder in that old in that oldies folder files from around 2000 years (or files 1999). These were my first attempts to programming some conceptions from elemenary school.

My goals were around creating a huge cheat codex that would have been collected the all cheats and easter eggs of all available PC games. This attemption was under CLIPPER5 and his DBF database program.

[ clipper5.zip ]

I had attempts to controlling under QBASIC external home-made LED band that was still connected to LPT1 port. I've wrote simple LED blinking programs. Yes of course all of Knight Rider led tricks were included I remember. After these years I had also attemption to make webpages about different themes (so some HTML + JAVASCRIPT attempts are included which are close to state of junkies). After 2000 I have meet the PASCAL when just got my first Turbo Pascal book. So there are also simple attempts and sometimes skeleton programs about simulating dice working, casino game, adventure text game, dollar exchange, rainbow animation, lottery simulation programs etc.

[ bp.zip ] [ qbasic.zip ] [ html.zip ]

An another theme I want to share in these years I've aquired a temporary water-camera that I had chance to use it in Adriatic Sea in Croatia. Unfortunately I do not remember what is the precise location of where the photos were taken.
But sure I wanted to create a frame of photos whiches could have been handled from a controller program [simply open photos from a folder was not enough in that time] so I had attempts to creating some basic menu with descriptions, lists and opening photos from menu in BATCH.

Enjoying nostalgic moments with these program attempts from the time before millenium or around.
..and the photos:

[ batch.zip ]