Design and Implementation of Domain Specific Language

Sunday, June 06, 2010 » programming, uni

On the JKU I've visited a course was about introducing the domain specific language. Our marks based on a little project evalulation. The DSL project was created by me in Visual Studio 2008 DSL Tools and the choosen topics was the DSL of binary tree language.

Considerable is the constraints of the binary tree. Here below i would like to give some conditions wiches are important to keep in mind to construct a binary tree and i have used them in my project (validation). So:
+ every state is accessible
+ for every node is valid that the targets of a node are beetwen 0 and *
+ for every node is valid that the source of a node is 0 or 1

The root node:
+ do not have parent
+ can be existed exactly alone
+ has maximum two childrens
+ is not allowed to have an incomming transition

The internal nodes:
+have maximum two childrens but minimum one
+have exactly one parent

The leaf nodes:
+do not have children(s)
+have exactly one parent

From conditions it has consequences: the inverse edges and recursice edges are forbidden to create.

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