Battleship game in SAP ABAP

Saturday, August 02, 2014 » programming

In the beginning of summer I've just changed my workplace and moved from Spectrum world to SAP world. During the first three months in introduction phase I've gobbled several materials to get the basics SAP and ABAP programming language. As I am always sharing my point of view to get to know the limitation of a language or even to get to know better a program language just pick up an not to simple but not to difficult topics and try to program it.
I have choosed the classic torpedo and wrote it in SAP ABAP using mixing structural and OO concept. The result is a classical one-player battleship game in 1082 lines. Initial a new program, copy-paste the ABAP code, create messages, screen, status and title according to the attachment, compile, F8 and have fun!

Some screenshot to inspiration:

Download ABAP code and his settings: