Simple aquarium moonlight

Saturday, January 14, 2017 » hacks

When you roll over the topics get aquarium moonlight on internet or even walk in an aquarium shop you can find several LED strips, lamps and different light variations could be installed to different size of aquariums. The difficulties that sometimes you can't simple decide because of sizes and lengths, the sellers are talking about the importance of lumen strength and parameters, type of fishes they even like the moonlight or even do not like that. And as you getting more deep into the theme the prices are going upper and upper then you stand confused, but actually you want to have a simple LED strip that you can sometimes turn on in the dark and it takes maximum one-two hours to make it ready and cheap.

-Order a max. 12V waterproof hot 5050 SMD blue LED strip light flexible car decor e.g.: from e-bay
-Get an inline cord lamp switch from the closest shop
-Get a used phone/router/modem/toy 8V-12V power supply, I'm sure it's somewhere in your home..
-Electrical tape
-Wallpaper cutter

Cut the adapter cable into two parts, unfold the thin black cable with wallpaper cutter and you will find two different color cables (probably red V and thinner black G).Take a screwdriver, take off the cover of switcher and bind the red and black cables to the two different side of switcher that comes from the power supply. Then take the cut cable, unfold also the thin black cable and bind the black cable into appropriate side of switch where the opposite side the black cable is bound. The other side of switch bind the red cable to the red one. Fix the cables with the screws then screw back the cover of switcher. e., Now unfold the hanging black cable to get red and black cables. Bind the black cable to black cable of LED strip then the red one to red LED strip cable.
Now fix all of binds with strong electrical tape.
Install the two LED strips to the top of aquarium on two different side (I did it with electrical tape as well) and lead out from the aquarium the cable, place the switcher and put the power supply into a socket.

Simple and cheap aquarium moonlight is ready to use!

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