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Saturday, March 4, 2017 » hacks

When you're looking for babygates you can face the problem that almost the all of babygates are made for simple installation. I mean you have the two wall on left and right side, you only need to simple fix the gate to one wall then the lock on the other side. If you are surfing on internet you find several elegant babydoor solutions to this idealized situation. But what's happen when you are having a wall, on the other side there is a space and no place for fixing the door or even the lock. On this point the standardized babygates are not appropiate, here need to use some hack for instance like here. I've spent some evenings in front of our stairs to thinking how could be it accomplished without harming so much and minimalizing the tiled and our walls. I've created some sketch, skeleton of the plan and then I went to the closest building mater shop and purchased the items.

-5 metres 1.80CM long rough wood slats (thickness: 2CM) [to the outer frame of door and fence]
-7 metres 1.80CM long rough wood slats (thickness: 1.5CM) [to the inner element in the door and fence]
-8pc "L" shape corner metal fixer (1CM) [to the corner of outer frames of door and fence]
-1pc lock [as on the picture]
-2pc door hinges [as on pics]
-lots of 3 types of wood screws [best size to choosen corner metal fixes; slim screw to slats; best size to the choosen door hinges]
-4pc screws [3pc to the wall and 1pc to the floor]
-2pc worm hose clamp
-wood lacquer

1., Measure and draw the place of three screw on the wall and the place of the screw on the floor then drill the four holes
2., Cut 9pc 80CM parts of thinner slats (to inner slat of gate and fence) and 5pc 80CM parts of dicker slats (4pc borders for fence and gate; 1pc holder to the wall)
3., Then cut 2pc 100CM slats (upper and bottom parts of gate) and 2pc 40CM long slats (upper and bottom parts of fence)
4., Drill three holes on one of 80CM long dicker slat wich going to the wall
5., Build up the fence with wood screws as you can see on the picture and drill a hole into bottom slat for screw that fixes on the floor
6., Build up the gate with wood screws
7., You will have three items: fence, gate and holder that going to the wall - paint carefully all of parts with wood lacquer and let it stand for on day
8., Screw up the gate holder slat to the wall (be sure that it's very stable cause it must hold the whole gate)
9., Screw up the 8pc L shape metal fixer to corners of gate and fence then screw up the door hinges
10., Install the fence with worm hose clamps and install the gate to holder slat which already fixed to the wall
11., Install the lock to the door and fence as you can see on the picture
[ 12., Optional: I wanted to slightly eliminate the weight of gate which is on the holder slats and door hinges so added a plus wood piece
under door when it's closed. When the gate is closing it must be little lift the whole gate to put on the wood piece. ]

We use this gate for months and just working well, our babygirl is on safe when she is doing some midnight walk or early morning vagabond tours without us!

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