Refix FlexBag

Monday, November 13, 2017 » hacks

As you know, nowdays lot of products are planned or designed with an artificially limited useful life so it will be no longer functional after a certain period of time - this is a built-in obsolescence. Why would be an except the flexible laundry plastic bucket? When you ever used this you know about an half year daily usage it will be very close to final dead. The weak point of this construction which is probably originally designed: the handles. They will be longer, more plastic and weak after the several transport of heavy laundry, finally they will be broken. You can say goodbye your bucket and rebuy a new one.. Or not. Here is an easy solution to refix the weak point of this type of buckets: stronging the handles with twine.

1. You easily cut the two handles.
2. Twist a stronger twine from the one-line twine (I have used the most simple 3 three line twisting).
3. Cut two hole under the original handles where the bucket is enough strong yet to hold the weight of wet clothes (see images).
4. Place the two twisted twines on both side of the bucket and fix them to the bucket with nodes.
5. When you want the cutted part to make it more refined you can slightly burnish it with fine sandpaper.

You are ready you can use this basket for years, the weak point of your flexbag is eliminated.

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