eBook - Novels from the Future [HU]

Monday, May 15, 2019 » books

Today I've published my first novel book: Novels from the Future [availabe only Hungarian] using the great self-publishing service: Publishdrive. The novel is a short story collection that contains 28 separated novels, that’s characters are mostly ordinary people with everyday feelings and emotions, but his stories already take place in a not too far future, partly from today’s changed environment. Today’s prototypes, experimental inventions and technologies have been widespread, integrated into our daily life. We use them, we are happy to have them, they make our life easier but sometimes cause annoyance and divide people’s thinking. One thing is certain, the stories force some emotions from the people. My different novels were inspired by daily life and looking into the near future with curiosity and some kind of prophecy.

The reader can get to know that how can a police-check happen in a self-driving car with drunk driver, what effect can a 3D printed message have for a highschool boy, how could be look like news about opening the first zoo with genetically manipulated animals. Stories about disadvantage of e-paper, negative effect of wearing non-trendy gadgets. Near mainstream stories, some different style novels are also included that are farther away from the subject or even abstract thought-provoking but somehow linked to the future.

Each story can be interpreted as an intellectual game. The reader can get into the character’s skin and feelings, see things with his eyes, and at the end of each novel the reader can imagine and consider the vision for some long moments what the near future may hold. The most novels are only a few pages, in all 22 pieces, so the book can be a good relaxation, chill out during road-trips, travelling to the workplace, lunch hours or even before bedtime.

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