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Wednesday, Jan 01, 2020 » interesting

Several years ago I've started to collect the Hungarian old machines (vintage computers and TV pongs). As I spend my daily life in Hungary in order I have specialized myself only into the Hungarian vintage machines within that the TV Pongs. In the beginning of video games era very few personal machine or even computer was available in '70 and '80 years in Hungary. The TV Pongs were just created and licenced by three companies in Hungary during the Soviet Socialist time, but many enthusiastic amateur tried to create his own TV Pong machine. Mostly technical mens, mechanist, radio amateurs, students, hobby clubs. Of course not for sale only for own purpose.
From this period of golden age several homemade TV Pong was created and todays this TV Pongs are usually somewhere in basement, in loft or unfortunately on midden. The most times, the number of this machines are mainly limited to one piece that makes them unique and even very valuable of his own existence. From this purpose I have created a minimalist webpage that works as a little exhibition and it shows the collected Hungarian TV Pongs from a bygona era.

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