Primo Microkey Competition

Thursday, Jan 06, 2022 » programming

Two years ago some of eager TVC fans have started to organize an online competition: creating new retro games for the old Hungarian Videoton TV-Computer. The theme and styles of games or even playful demos does not matter, but the participation and fun is the main purpose. Mostly programmers or hobbysts were just children or even teenegers in the golden age of TVC around 1986. The competition is simple. You submit your TVC game that must be run in one of TVC model and the members of TVC FB Group help you in testing and after-fixing your game. Then the mass vote from the submitted game list.
As I knew the TVC I had always in my mind to get back slightly to age of TVC world. I have decided in 2019 I am going to develop some not so complicated game. The main barrier is like always the time that is never enough. From this consideration I have choosed the TVC BASIC programming language to implement my easy logic game (for a practicable recap of the ASSEMBLY I would have been needed much more energy). My BASIC based result was the Multetris 2020 game. The game is about to reach 86 points with the elimination of the rows. The player has three options to fill the holes on the table and has some magic that may help to reach more points.

A nice photo with some of TVC games from 2020 including Multetris 2020.

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